ActiveConversion: Optimizing Industrial Sales

Fred Yee, CEO, ActiveConversionFred Yee, CEO
Not so long ago, a firm providing measurement, control, and safety solutions to the energy sector realized that they were being too reactive while following up with new prospects. Their sales representatives relied on tactics like cold calling and broad generic mail-outs to reach potential customers— not resulting in high pay-off. To take a more proactive approach by adopting an advanced sales and marketing system, the firm collaborated with ActiveConversion—a provider of sophisticated sales and marketing systems for industrial businesses. ActiveConversion discovered that the firm was missing out on prospective buyers because their website was not optimized for search engines, and lacked a focused online marketing strategy for generating and managing leads. ActiveConversion resolved the firm’s issue by developing a tailored sales and marketing system that included online marketing campaigns, a conversion oriented website, and lead generation and management capabilities. By implementing ActiveConversion’s System the firm was able to identify and follow up with the high volumes of new online prospects, and engage with the prospects generated on their website, resulting in more closed deals.

ActiveConversion’s robust platform has been efficiently managing longer buying cycles by helping marketers identify leads and sales teams focus on the best opportunities since its inception. Back then, industrial firms were not enthusiastic about using the internet for getting prospects. Recognizing the traditionally longer industrial sales cycle, ActiveConversion developed a model that could run online marketing in the background. “Our repeatable and automated system works round the clock to help organizations reach their goals, without changing their current processes,” asserts Fred Yee, CEO, ActiveConversion. “We counsel our customers on their best leads and how to convert them into deals,” says Yee.

With our marketing intelligence system, organizations’ can identify real prospect interest by tracking every step of their activity

ActiveConversion’s industrial marketing system has automated lead generation capabilities, which increases the chances of reaching out to a prospective customer at the exact time they are interested in engaging with a firm. The company integrates with email marketing platforms to create and deliver bulk emails to the firms’ mailing lists. A plug-in will track if the recipient opens the email, whether they click on a link or they forward the email. The email marketing platforms incorporate built-in email capabilities for identifying the recipient and saving it in the database, as well as recording their activities that increase the firm’s lead score. “With our marketing intelligence system, organizations can identify real prospect interest by tracking every step of their activity,” says Yee. The company’s solution also incorporates features that measure the marketing ROI effectively to analyze the mediums or messaging that generates the highest return.

The company’s B2B demand generation technology incorporates all marketing channels and not just email. Whether through direct mail or webinar campaigns, ActiveConversion scores leads based on customized criteria for firms, allowing them to deliver leads directly to the responsible account manager. The company works with the firm’s sales process to sell products—works with manufacturers to generate demand, helping them to direct leads to the resellers, as well as with distributors to create more demand and follow up the leads. “Our specific value proposition builds strong relationships between various units involved in sales and marketing,” says Yee.

ActiveConversion invests on improving its capabilities and user experiences for its target markets, which includes being able to access information for lead generation from other databases. “We embrace the principle of ‘People, Process and Technology’ to solve any problem, and our customers come out with successful sales and marketing.”