Captavi: Marketing Automation, Simplified

Susan Farrell, a marketing industry veteran and the co-founder of Captavi, notes that businesses set one of the key selection criterias for marketing platforms as “simple-to-use.” Here, her venture scores brownie points as it offers a user-friendly solution to automate a gamut of marketing tasks. Captavi enables marketers to go hunt and capture their audience; which befits its name, a Latin word “Captavi”, pronounced cap-ta-ve. The holistic Captavi Platform ushers small, mid-market, and large businesses to the era of simplicity by underpinning execution of digital marketing activities and resolving intricacies in inbound and outbound marketing.

Houston area-based Captavi enables enterprises to perform automated e-mail marketing; landing page creation; online event promotion registration and management; portal, micro-site, and website development and management; and digital resource management.

“Captavi liberates growth hackers from the hassle of integrating numerous marketing technologies, virtually eliminating the management of a martech stack,” states Susan. “And the Captavi Platform suffices marketing needs without entailing certifications and extensive training, for marketing end users and developers.”

Captavi assigns utmost importance to the user-friendliness, and this is evident from the user interface. The simple drag and drop removes common user experience complexities seen in other marketing automation platforms. In fact, many of their users are not marketing professionals, including: business owners and general office administrators.

Being aware of a marketer’s reluctance to refer to training manuals, the intuitive Captavi Platform provides users with one-click access to landing page creation, lead nurturing email programs, online event marketing and registration, even scheduling content posts in the integrated blog or online resource library for White Papers and Articles.

In tandem with current business needs and practices, the Captavi Platform includes a native integration with Google Analytics, allowing users to combine the big data analysis capabilities of the built-in CRM with the behavioral tracking from GA. These technologies and solutions help in formulating insight-driven business decisions in the digital marketing realm.
While harnessing the power of analytics, Captavi maintains compatibility with all data formats. As companies can create an unlimited number of user accounts, without additional fees, they overcome a significant business barrier - cost constraint. This uniqueness allowed a large financial service company to transform its content marketing campaigns. The client’s marketing team had to rapidly launch web and email campaigns to meet the stringent deadlines, as well as meet compliance guidelines. Hence, undergoing extensive training and gaining certification as a prelude to deploying a marketing automation platform was infeasible. After deploying the Captavi Platform, the client could launch digital campaigns, design and manage landing pages and micro-sites. As Captavi permitted the creation of user accounts, without any limitation on the number, the client could save money on campaign management by avoiding incurrence of extra charges and create event-specific landing pages. Within the first year of use, the client has reported that they have estimated cost savings of $120,000 a year–and rapidly launched campaigns that took weeks, even months before the Captavi Platform was in use.

To craft and repeat success stories akin to the large financial services firm, Captavi enhances its solution and works within an agile development environment. The company encourages challenging ideas and practices, besides advanced thinking. Soon, Captavi will roll out new features that will cater to scheduling and management needs. These will help users to share social content and perform social marketing and publishing in a pre-planned manner and reach the targeted audience and influencers at the right time. At the end of the day, Susan and her associates look forward to setting marketers on the path to success with its all-in-one, easy-to-love marketing automation platform.