DemandGen: Enriching the Digital Marketing Journey

David Lewis, Founder & CEO, DemandGenDavid Lewis, Founder & CEO Automation = scalability”—is the mantra behind the successful marketing efforts in today’s dynamic world. This philosophy has emanated numerous marketing automation platforms in the marketplace, but the question is—are organizations able to unlock the complete value out of those platforms? Even after finding the most appropriate marketing automation platform, ensuring necessary processes in place or even mapping out customer touchpoints from click to close, how can organizations guarantee that the software is the hub of customer experience? Especially, amidst the huge data deluge that organizations are stormed with, marketers are having a hard time measuring the performance of marketing efforts. By understanding marketing performance, customer engagement, and ROI, businesses can refine their campaigns, shorten the sales cycle, and deliver an experience that converts into revenue.

"We are a team of marketing-automation and lead-management geeks that implement a Demand Funnel framework designed to optimize lead conversion, and improve overall marketing performance"

As an extended team of digital marketing masters, DemandGen empowers organizations on every phase of their digital marketing journeys and offers valuable insights on their marketing efforts to sharpen ROI. Working in partnership with Oracle Eloqua, Marketo, Hubspot and Salesforce, the company enables businesses to take advantage of best in class marketing technologies to translate into accelerated revenue streams. DemanGen relentlessly works towards its goal of transforming organizations into high-performance marketing operations powerhouses.

A Modern Marketing Powerhouse

At the onset, DemandGen invests an enormous amount of time in learning the client's goals and objectives to carefully craft and execute the most suitable roadmap for enhancing and optimizing processes.

We have an unsurpassed passion for helping our customers succeed with digital marketing

The company has expert consultants that design closed-loop lead management solutions enabling marketers track campaign attribution, nurture and score leads along with their buying cycle, keep databases optimized, and manage the demand funnel from click to close. "We are a team of marketing-automation and lead-management geeks that implement a Demand Funnel framework designed to optimize lead conversion, and improve overall marketing performance," asserts David Lewis, Founder and CEO of DemandGen. This way of defining each stage of the demand generation process gives organizations the foundation for segmentation, scoring, routing, nurturing, reporting and creating tight synergy between sales and marketing. By comparing different channels and programs, organizations can assess and refine marketing investments–dramatically ramping up return on future marketing investment. Conclusively, DemandGen experts analyze the results and fine-tune the programs to ensure success.

As an important aspect of DemandGen’s client engagement, the company helps marketing teams implement its Demand Factory framework. The framework brings together marketing, sales, process, and systems designed to increase lead capture, conversion, and maximize customer lifetime value. When marketing automation is applied under this framework, it generates greater revenue for companies by nurturing all prospects with timely, relevant, and personalized content. The other major benefit of the framework is that it creates a tight collaboration between sales and marketing teams, systems, and processes.

The firm’s Demand Factory framework has four key areas [A.C.M.E] which stand for the four core disciplines of high-performance marketing—Acquire, Convert, Measure, and Expand. The company ensures targeting of new prospects to maintain a steady stream of new leads through the ability to acquire. With convert, clients can score and nurture prospects to sustain them for ongoing success. With the ability to measure the impact of the campaigns, the framework provides clients to plan for the future accurately and expand into new markets and attract new prospects. “By helping our clients routinely assess their capabilities in these four areas, enables us to prescribe the systems, programs, and priorities that will improve their marketing operations, reporting, and contribution to revenue,” extols Lewis.

A testimony to DemandGen’s stellar marketing capabilities is that of SAP Ariba. As a business network, buyers and suppliers from more than 2.8 million companies collaborate on SAP Ariba to discover new opportunities.
The network had launched a complete lifecycle nurture program in Marketo for procurement, supply chain, finance and IT programs but was unable to attract the required attention from customers. With DemandGen in place, SAP Ariba established a Demand Center and was able to facilitate multiple content mapping exercises to ensure that each email was mapped to the right stage of the buying cycle. The Demand Center was responsible for ensuring that the Marketo program logic was configured to route contacts as per their segmentation and lifecycle status. With the help of DemandGen, SAP Ariba’s customer engagement content grew significantly, with 454 percent higher click-to-open rates than the former “batch and blast” style emails. Additionally, inquiry-to-MQL conversions on the website improved by 19 percent, and the campaigns had a lower unsubscribe rate of just 0.5 percent. “DemandGen helped us develop a nurture program that solved a long-standing free-for-all with the email channel,” said Stuart Roesel, Director of Marketing Ops at SAP Ariba.

Leading from the Front

Playing an important role in making DemandGen a recognized modern marketing thought leader is its founding hero—Lewis. After decades of leading marketing teams at organizations like Microsoft, Netopia, and Ellie Mae, Lewis passionately believes that the driving force behind every successful business is a combination of their marketing savvy, use of digital marketing technology, and their customer experience. In the digital revolution, where prospects, customers, and companies can interact online 24/7, marketing teams are struggling to keep up with the rate of change, especially when it comes to marketing technology. With his mission to make marketing matter most, Lewis founded DemandGen a decade ago to help companies implement and leverage digital marketing technology, especially marketing automation platforms. “When I founded DemandGen in 2007 it was specifically to help implement marketing automation systems for enterprise-class organizations,” says Lewis. "I didn't anticipate that the marketing technology landscape would be what it is today. Fast forward a decade, and we are still helping organizations not only deploy and leverage systems like Marketo, Eloqua, and, but now we help them with a broader set of marketing technology tools.”

Lewis’ team also fortifies clients with resources dedicated to scheduling, building, and launching email campaigns which alleviates in-house marketing teams from dealing with these time consuming and tactical marketing functions. In addition, the marketing technology and CRM expertise provided by DemandGen fills a huge resource gap in the market due to the general lack of technical expertise needed for digital marketing. “We have an unsurpassed passion for helping our customers succeed with digital marketing,” points-out Lewis. Forging ahead, the firm plans to continue to expand its technology partnerships and methodologies to ensure their clients stay at the forefront of modern marketing. In keeping with Lewis’ dedication to empowering modern marketing efforts, the company will continue on its journey of offering best practice expertise to deliver exceptional ROI for clients.
- Khyati Dubal
    September 05, 2018