eTrigue: Triggering Demand Generation

Jim Meyer VP & General Manager, eTrigueJim Meyer VP & General Manager
We think it is important to remember that organizations can get quick value from marketing automation by starting out with a few simple campaigns, and then building up sophistication over time,” cites Jim Meyer, VP and General Manager, eTrigue. Replacing the manual process of today’s marketing methods; automation alerts sales to the activity level of a prospect or an account, and ensures that each prospect gets followed up with the right information, at the right time. “However, marketing automation has been extremely people intensive, requiring a lot of marketers’ time just to operate and manage the system,” says Meyer. By reducing the complexity of marketing automation, eTrigue offers an easier-to-use marketing automation platform that allows marketers to focus on building content and programs, rather than spending time running the system.

eTrigue’s foundation was laid with a simple motivation—provide automation systems that are flexible so that campaigns can be up and running quickly and that changes to campaigns and materials may be easily accomplished. “We built eTrigue DemandCenter marketing automation, a highly intuitive and user-friendly Software-as-a-Service solution, so individual marketers and small teams could swiftly deploy effective multi-step marketing automation campaigns and ad-hoc email programs,” asserts Meyer. DemandCenter efficiently provides demand generation campaigns, including email tools, comprehensive activity tracking, lead scoring and segmentation, lead nurturing, real-time lead alerts, and anonymous visitor tracking. eTrigue offers simple pricing that provides an excellent marketing ROI and a positive revenue impact. “We ensure that companies generate more qualified leads with their existing resources,” adds Meyer.

We help organizations scale by automating manual marketing tasks and providing visibility into prospect actions

The marketing space is currently buzzing about account-based marketing that takes into consideration the involvement of multiple people at an account in a purchasing decision. “Buying decisions have never been made in vacuum, so both sales and marketing needs to market to the appropriate folks across the organization, and be aware of their engagement,” says Meyer. eTrigue tracks activity across an account and alerts the right people when activity takes place and visits warrant it. “We are constantly improving product functionality and usability, while ensuring that we stick to our goal of being simple to operate,” notes Meyer. At present, marketing professionals that have both creative and analytical skills are in great demand. eTrigue also provides services to organizations that need assistance building out and accomplishing their marketing programs, including creating landing pages, email outreach, and assisting client organization in conducting webinars.

“We help organizations scale by automating manual tasks and providing new capability,” says Meyer. One of eTrigue’s clients testifies that eTrigue’s DemandCenter has empowered them to track all of their inbound and outbound marketing efforts, enabling them to keep track of visits to their website—every page viewed and every download of literature. As a result, they’ve gained the ability to view prospect actions so they can easily reach out to them at the right time to effectively meet their needs. “The level of sophistication in DemandCenter is very high but we remain easy to deploy and operate,” cites Meyer.

eTrigue’s primary clients are from the small to mid-market range, but eTrigue also provides services on a divisional level to large enterprises. eTrigue regularly interacts with its users to assess the potential improvement on the company’s capability, and continues to bring a steady stream of new features to the product. eTrigue seeks to remain focused on strengthening the depth of the product while ensuring that the exceptional usability remains.