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Nic Nevin, President and Co-Founder, ifX MedicalNic Nevin, President and Co-Founder
Given the plethora of specialties and care options available today, there is a profound need for healthcare organizations to rely on innovative marketing strategies for success. However, there is a catch. For consumers, seeking care and treatment differs from "shopping" for goods and services. As such, the way healthcare entities market their services ought to be different as well. As Nic Nevin, the President and Co-Founder of ifX Medical points out, "marketing practices and solutions designed for other industries do not fit into the medical space." Adding to this, people in the medical spectrum often lack the expertise to tap into the full potential of modern marketing technologies. What they need is specialized, interactive, and easy-to-implement solutions that will eliminate complexities from medical marketing. Headquartered in Florida, ifX Medical—a marketing and advertising firm—offers Influx MD, an award-winning, all-in-one sales and marketing platform for healthcare professionals with a built-in medical CRM.

"Our robust solution can turn a lean marketing team into a powerful force, allowing small players to compete with large-scale organizations in the war for customer attention," says Nevin. The company has a keen focus on the bariatric space where they provide comprehensive marketing solutions and strategies for hospitals, doctors, and medical practitioners. "With more than 15 years of experience in the medical space, we leverage Influx MD to optimize marketing performance by attracting attention, engaging visitors, and converting patients," adds Nevin.

ifX Medical's solution incorporates powerful modules such as a secure and HIPAA compliant CRM, medical lead management, sales and marketing automation, and video management. Influx MD's CRM tool facilitates contact management, communication, and enhanced customer satisfaction, while its in-built secure messaging service or email integration helps users to manage contacts from a lead database.
By using Influx MD's medical lead management tool, clients can recreate workflows, funnels, and pipelines within the platform and accept leads from any channel. Medical practitioners can link their marketing campaigns to lead acquisition and create a 360-degree view of lead sources as well as the best marketing strategies that can generate substantial ROI. Automation is another key feature of Influx MD, using which clients can manage repetitive tasks and initiate new actions in response to the requests from leads. The automated medical lead nurturing tool catches lead information and helps medical practitioners achieve a smooth transition from a prospect to a consumer. Through this, ifX Medical can increase lead conversion rates by 50 percent while reducing overall marketing costs by up to 33 percent. Complementing these solutions, the firm also provides premium-marketing add-ons, including business intelligence tools and social media engagement.

With more than 15 years of experience in the medical space, we leverage Influx MD to optimize marketing performance by attracting attention, engaging visitors, and converting patients

Influx MD's powerful video management module works as a complete online education platform, using which clients can deliver target specific videos across a high availability top-tier content delivery network. The company manages a wide range of video delivery aspects including intake workflow integration, lead, and patient access, self-scoring quizzes, and detailed engagement tracking.

Having such a compelling value proposition, ifX Medical engages with clients through a comprehensive three-month onboarding process that includes software design, and optimization of the system according to the client's requirements. The firm has over 250 active Influx installations, which manifest their edge in the space. ifX Medical's recent engagement with a client in the bariatric space exemplifies their potential. By leveraging ifX Medical's technological edge, the client enhanced its marketing strategies and increased conversion rate by about 300 percent.

Going forward, ifX Medical plans to explore advancements in technology to bring more benefits to their clients in the medical space. "To strengthen our presence in the marketing automation space, we have plans to sharpen the edge of our solutions by integrating more AI moving forward," concludes Nevin.
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ifX Medical

ifX Medical

Jacksonville Beach, FL

Nic Nevin, President and Co-Founder and Ines Crespo, Co-Founder

Influx MD provides a complete online education platform. Your video is delivered using a high availability top-tier content delivery network. Remove barriers created by resource scheduling or seating capacity by offering seminars conveniently available when and where client decides. Deliver fast paced visually engaging education programs to improve understanding and retention. Use integrated quizzes to evaluate learning and identify additional learning areas