Informz: Marketing Sophistication Made Simple

Joe Tyler, President & CEO, InformzJoe Tyler, President & CEO
Marketing automation has evolved as a catalyst to generate sophisticated leads and is indispensible in the effort to deliver better ROI and foster customer relations. From thousands of emails, heaps of data to be crunched and everything in between, marketing automation is streamlining and speeding up processes to generate higher quality leads and convert more prospects. However, many marketers still draw a blank to recognize the benefits of switching to automation owing to its complexity and surging costs. “Marketers want ease of use and a platform they can afford,” begins Terry Nawrot, COO, Informz. Tending to this need, Informz affordable and feature-rich platform can quickly and easily create highly engaging email campaigns for expanded reach.

Since its inception in 1997, Informz has evolved as a provider of digital marketing solutions comprising of email marketing platform, marketing automation tools and expert services. The firm’s Email Marketing platform offers a simplified process to navigate, plan and build new marketing automation campaigns. “With an easy to use canvas, we provide a tool that allows our clients to build a campaign in simple steps,” explains Terry. “We offer an online knowledgebase with step by step instructions on how to use the platform.” Right from designing custom templates for professional emails to ensuring that these emails reach the inboxes of the targeted clients, Informz takes charge of the entire process. The platform also provides over 120 different types of reports making it easy to identify trends and results. “To ensure that the right message is sent to the right person at the right time, Informz send time optimization feature delivers the email message to the recipient based on their past behaviors, increasing a client’s open rate,” adds Terry.

Informz send time optimization feature delivers the email message to the recipient based on their past behaviors, increasing a client’s open rate

Informz Marketing Automation beefs up its email marketing platform by creating fully automated campaigns for more personalized experiences. From nurturing to winning-back tactics in campaigns, Informz Marketing Automation dramatically improves the chances of customer engagement. The firm’s Marketing Automation advisors understand the client’ goals and customize each experience by adding a personal touch with their consulting and implementation services. For those clients who find it difficult to get their campaigns out the door or have limited resources, Informz provides paid campaign management services. “This type of service will allow the client to send the message they want, however not have to do all the work to get it ready,” says Terry.

From designing the basic templates to creating data-driven automated campaigns, Informz innovative tools and services have been making digital marketing easier for its diverse customer-base to increase engagement and revenue, and save time. In one instance, Informz was approached by Texas Medical Association (TMA), a nonprofit organization, when the client’s original strategy was falling short on the engagement aspect and in turn was affecting their sales. TMA implemented a new design and strategy for an automated campaign using Informz, which earned the client a staggering 313 percent increase in sales with the switch to marketing automation.

In an era where consumer brands grapple to acquire customers’ attention, Informz is leading the transition with technology, making client campaigns more personal and sophisticated. “We build our strategy plan and roadmap on what we hear from clients and how their organizations are changing,” says Terry. “We focus on making the product easy to understand, to move through and to get the job done.”