Kahuna: Omni-Channel Mobile Marketing Automation Platform

Adam Marchick, CEO & Co-founder, kahunaAdam Marchick, CEO & Co-founder
For the past years, the field of marketing automation is continuing to evolve as it is increasingly used among businesses of all sizes. As the prevalence of mobile is becoming more inclined across all types of technology, software providers are finding ways to enhance their solutions. Though several vendors are focusing on providing a mobile platform, CIOs often request an omni-channel experience. Providing a person centric communication, Kahuna, a software company, provides marketing automation tools with expertise to deliver an omni-channel experience that augments the growth in productivity.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Kahuna, a communication automation provider, focuses on empowering businesses to thrive in the mobile epoch. “We enable a novel authentic engagement between brands and their customers through the web, email, mobile, social channels in a personalized communication,” says Adam Marchick, CEO, Kahuna. Through its solutions, the company offers customers with the ideal message and delivers results in the precise channel at the right time.

Facilitated with big data and machine learning, Kahuna’s c ommunication automation platform assists marketers foster customer enchantment and impels mobile engagement and revenue. “Our platform leverages cross-channel data to create and send personalized messages of behavior-based lifecycle and conversion campaigns,” explains Marchick. The platform uses email, inapp, and social channels to interact with end-users at the entailed time to engage with the customers. The communication automation platform designs a unified, tailored, omnichannel experience that obliges results and improves the product experience. The platform offers a real-time dynamic segment for the customers. “Kahuna’s platform tracks every customer and unifies their behavior across mobile, web, and multiple devices,” delineates Marchick.
The platform’s suite of optimization capabilities saves time and assist clients to reach their customers based-on advanced location tracking and geofencing. Besides, the company’s Send Optimally product analyzes customers’ individual lifestyle to resolve the time to send them a notification using artificial intelligence. In addition, Kahuna’s Marketing Analytics and Campaign Reporting is enabled with real-time reporting, APIs, and prebuilt integrations. “With this reporting, our customer has the ability to track app uninstalls and push-opts in the campaign level,” defines Marchick.

Kahuna’s platform tracks every customer and unifies their behavior across mobile, web, and multiple devices

As most of the organization is relying on marketing, mobile marketing automation software is growing at an astonishing rate. For instance, Yummly, a website that provides recipe recommendations, requested a platform to share and market their foods and recipe in a smarter method. They aimed to get new users to stay engaged in their website or mobile application. The client collaborated with Kahuna to onboard their mobile users and leveraged the mobile marketing automation platform to send push notifications for future engagements. Kahuna not only dramatically increased the clients’ results, but they also supported the customer in creating a cohesive strategy for communicating with the new users. With the platform, the client conducted on boarding campaigns to ensure the new users. “By effectively on boarding new users with Kahuna, the client has increased novel user engagement by 43 percent, increased new user retention by 119 percent, and amplified their new user engagement,” adds Marchick.

To thwart the rising competition, Kahuna focuses on driving engagement and retention, and enhancing the customers’ mobile revenue. Inspiring customers has been the company’s solitary goal since its establishment. “Through our explosive growth, we are aiming to become the next industry household name in the near future,” remarks Marchick.