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Patty Cisco, Principal, Founder & CEO, Marketing EssentialsPatty Cisco, Principal, Founder & CEO
In today’s digitized world, every business is leveraging the benefits of marketing automation to mechanize their marketing processes. Be it to generate higher revenue, improve communication with consumers or to generate prospective leads, marketing automation is driving great traction among every industry vertical. While there are numerous names contributing to the growth of the space, one company making great strides through their wide range of digital marketing and sales solutions is Marketing Essentials. With ‘strategy first, tactics second’ mantra, Marketing Essentials functions as the strategic marketing partner to support and drive business growth. The agency offers a broad array of digital marketing and sales solutions including UX/UI website design, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, social media marketing, Search Engine Marketing (Pay Per Click Advertising), video marketing, content development, inbound marketing and sales services, a range of digital marketing and content audits, brand identity strategy and coaching/ consulting services.

To enhance productivity and help clients achieve positive brand image, Marketing Essentials focuses on three critical aspects within its digital marketing offering—research, strategy, execution, and optimization for continual improvement. The company begins the client engagement process by understanding and analyzing consumers’ buying behavior to design the right digital marketing strategy for positioning its clients’ brand online. Marketing Essentials then taps on to the knowledge of their expertise to Research, Analyze, Strategize, and Optimize (RASO) the digital marketing programs in real-time. Finally, the agency follows an agile methodology to implement and improve its digital marketing solutions. “Our core differentiator is that we are a strategy-driven firm with the knowledge to make marketing automation successful,” says Patty Cisco, CEO and founder of Marketing Essentials.

Marketing Essentials has a dedicated, in-house, and results-driven digital marketing and sales experts, who develop customized digital marketing and sales programs.

Our core differentiator is that we are a strategy-driven firm with the knowledge to make marketing automation successful

The initial stage of deploying digital marketing solutions includes auditing—SEO audit, website audit, content audit, essentially auditing all applicable elements on-line—to understand what digital programs best suit the clients' need and how would it compare to the market competitors. Simultaneously, Marketing Essentials combines the digital audit with the end-customer behavior by interviewing the clients and understanding their target audiences’ persona. Subsequently, the agency reviews the return on investment (ROI) associated with the digital marketing program before launching it. “We put together the right mix of strategies, tools, and programs to yield positive measurable results for the clients,” explains Patty. To further support business growth, Marketing Essentials offers consulting and coaching services to its clients.

In an instance, one of the clients of Marketing Essentials had a decent website but lacked a proactive and engaging digital marketing program that aligned with the sales process. Marketing Essentials began its typical onboarding process to understand buyers’ interaction with the brand. Based on the received information, the firm established a new sales funnel oriented website based on the buyer’s journey, developed automated lead nurturing workflows. The company implemented automated emails to notify the sales team when a lead wanted to interact with them and tied the prospects’ online interactions to the CRM lead scoring. Marketing Essentials even deployed sales enablement automation to help the sales team sell more efficiently, at a higher velocity. “Initially when we implemented the solution, the client averaged about 10 leads a month, but by the end of the first three months, we were generating over 50 leads a month for them,” says Patty.

Marketing Essentials is now focused implementing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning for monitoring and incorporating conversational marketing within its solution. The company is also entering the video marketing arena and houses a team of experts to create relevant videos. Apart from these future plans, Marketing Essentials is also focusing on conversion rate optimization. In conclusion, Patty says, “Digital marketing is still growing and organizations need partners like us, who understand the conversion rate optimization to expand their business.”
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Marketing Essentials

Marketing Essentials

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Patty Cisco, Principal, Founder & CEO

Marketing Essentials offers inbound digital marketing and sales services along with coaching and guiding services to its clients