MarketShare Masters: Push. Nurture. Close. Repeat.

Loni Werner, CEO, MarketShare MastersLoni Werner, CEO
It appears there may be a pivot occurring in the priorities of small business owners in the U.S. Last December, Infusionsoft and LeadPages surveyed more than a thousand of them about marketing practices, challenges and goals.

Historically, primary stated marketing challenges have been ‘attracting new leads’ and ‘getting more website traffic’. In this new survey, however, ‘turning leads into customers’ emerged as the number one marketing challenge.

“Of course this is just one survey, but it does reflect what we are hearing in the field,” accords MarketShare Masters CEO, Loni Werner. “Small businesses advertisers know that they are getting leads. Thanks to Google Analytics, they can see the visitors on their websites. The problem now is that most of those visitors bounce off quickly and never return to make a purchase.”

According to Loni, the solution lies in Lead Capture and Marketing Automation. “Local brands finally have the chance to compete on a level playing field with the online giants. Things have changed dramatically in this arena in the past 24 months. An explosion of affordable, powerful, user-friendly marketing tools, and platforms is providing a ray-of-light for small business. We see more of them looking at their analytics and investigating solutions. They are starting to see they can take back the customers that they have been losing to the global brands,” says Loni.

The tools that MarketShare Masters uses for Marketing Automation vary depending on the client, but they are particularly passionate about Infusionsoft. “It is such a powerful tool. It has the same features that the big companies pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for; CRM, landing pages, opt-in forms, email marketing, Marketing Automation, sales automation, sales quoting, ecommerce, invoicing, fulfillment and more. There is not another tool like it in the small business space. We love using the product to help our local clients win,” adds Loni.

We create powerful traditional, digital, and social media advertising campaigns that push leads into our clients’ sales funnels, then convert those leads to customers using Lead Capture & Marketing Automation

Although capture and automation are major focuses, Werner and her team are unique in their experience and success with advertising campaigns. “Most marketing firms offer either push marketing advertising media planning and buying or Marketing Automation, but not both. In addition to our Lead Capture and Marketing Automation skills, we have created thousands of advertising campaigns using traditional, digital and social media that push leads into our client’s sales funnels.”

Loni says she knew years ago that gaining expertise in Lead Capture and Marketing Automation would be essential for the success of her company as well as that of her clients. “I just couldn’t look in the mirror knowing we were pushing leads into our client’s sales funnels and then walking away to let them try and figure out why those leads weren’t converting to customers and revenue,” she adds.

What Werner is most optimistic about for the near future is their new launch, LeadSnap. It is a program designed to help local radio and TV stations solve the leaky sales funnel problem for their clients.

The media has more connection to small business than anyone. They deal constantly with advertising clients who know they have visitors to their websites but can’t get them those visitors to convert. LeadSnap helps local media capture those leads and convert them to paying customers. “We have had incredible response to the program already, and are projecting several million of dollars in new and saved advertising revenue for our media partners,” she concludes.