Real Green Systems: Advanced Marketing Tools for the Service Industry

Joe Kucik, CEO, Real Green SystemsJoe Kucik, CEO
Email marketing was left in a lurch for sometime before it made a comeback with revamped approaches, design, and most importantly, automation to increase customer engagement. These changes challenge marketing orthodoxies where spam-like promotional messages have been replaced with personalized, data-driven, and sophisticated triggered email programs. “Businesses have to be strategic about how and when their messages are shared. You can no longer use a hatchet approach, the process needs a scalpel and that scalpel is data,” begins Joe Kucik, CEO, Real Green Systems. Sending timely and relevant content is imperative for open rates and engagement levels. The key to all this is automation. “Automated marketing is the low hanging fruit in marketing–making for the most cost effective sales possible,” adds Kucik. Real Green Systems, headquartered in Michigan, assists service companies across diverse verticals to derive benefits from this ‘low hanging fruit’ to enhance their marketing campaigns and grow their business.

Since its foundation in 1984, Real Green Systems has evolved as seasoned marketing solutions provider for service businesses like lawn care, pest control, landscaping, HVAC, and many more. The firm’s marketing solutions comprise of automated marketing with a comprehensive web-based marketing tool—Command Center— where users can plan and execute marketing campaigns, and see real-time data results. Command Center, the all-in-one marketing automation control panel, enhances integrated marketing strategies by providing control of a brand’s message, its online presence using review filters, social media, and print marketing through a user-friendly dashboard. The firm’s marketing tool aids small startups to large franchises in making on-spot promotional changes with real-time information derived from live tracking results generated by marketing modules.

Automated marketing is the low hanging fruit in marketing–making for the most cost effective sales possible

Emphasizing the digital and print marketing services that Real Green Systems offers, Kucik explains how print is reemerging as an effective marketing process to share messages to customers and prospects. “Print marketing has to integrate with digital and automated marketing to provide a seamless experience,” illustrates Kucik. The firm’s marketing solutions portfolio includes IntelliMail which develops effective and targeted direct mail campaigns and also allows viewing the performance of the direct mail campaign with statistics gathered from landing pages on client’s website, vanity URLs, and telephone tracking numbers.

In addition, making customer communications seamless is the firm’s Automated Marketing Assistant™— an application for auto-generating emails and letters based on triggers garnered from customer and prospect behaviors. This communication feature uses data synchronization between the firm’s mobile CRM and online customer portal. A ‘set-it-and-forget-it’ type of program—Automated Marketing Assistant offers over 30 different types of communications like Before Service and After Service emails. “Our open rates are higher than industry average with Automated Marketing Assistant. The system virtually pays for itself through additional up-sells, cancelled customer win-backs, and initially rejected estimates being accepted,” states Kucik.

Having run a service company for over 30 years, the team at Real Green Systems is well aware of the challenges involved and uses this knowledge to assist customers in achieving their ROI goals through automated marketing services. “It is incredibly gratifying when our customers share that their up-sells to current customers is up by 150 percent since implementing our automated marketing,” says Kucik.

In the broad ecosystem of marketing and communication automation, where businesses are readily turning toward this new wave of change, Real Green Systems is striving to exceed customer expectations with its innovative products and services.