Tapjoy: Driving Higher Revenue for Mobile App Developers

Presently, almost 70 percent of businesses are using or implementing marketing automation software. In the coming days, we can further expect an expansion of marketing automation in various spheres especially in the mobile domain. The term “mobile marketing automation” is already gaining more importance and is used by many companies. Mobile is increasingly becoming the new normal in the tech world and is serving as a channel where marketing automation is enhancing it to improve monetization no matter what type of business model it is. Moreover, good news for app developers is that mobile marketing automation technologies have reached a point where they can help identify the users, figure out the right offer, and deliver it at the most opportune time. Continuing its drive to be a one-stop shop for mobile app makers, mobile monetization firm Tapjoy, leverages efficient marketing automation capabilities to provide scalable products and solutions for mobile app publishers.

Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, Tapjoy’s goal is to maximize the value of every user for freemium mobile app publishers through ad-based monetization and industry leading analytic solutions. Essentially, the company provides a platform which is a mobile software development kit (SDK) as an iOS or an android. The Platform uses market leading data science, user segmentation and predictive analytics to drive deeper engagement and optimize revenue from every user.

We provide advanced analytics to help users easily identify various cohorts and compare their behaviors

Tapjoy’s Platform includes market differentiators such as: Predictive and Actionable Analytics—enables developers to know, and take action against, the future value of every user. “We provide advanced analytics to help users easily identify various cohorts and compare their behaviors,” says Jeff Drobick, Chief Product Officer, Tapjoy. The company’s recently launched product ‘Future Value Map’ also makes deep segmentation and real-time analytics actionable so developers can serve a nearly infinite variety of marketing actions that drive lifetime value.
CIO VendorSteve Wadsworth, President & CEO
Additionally, Marketing Automation tools from Tapjoy instantly deliver contextually relevant messages to engage spenders, or deliver rewarded advertisements to the users that will never spend. “Tapjoy’s Marketing Automation Platform helps optimize the revenue from proven spenders, while also uncovering more spenders and increasing engagement and ad-based monetization from the rest of their audience,” says Drobick. Furthermore, Tapjoy offers Real-time IAP and Ad-based Monetization to developers which are available from a single data set, in one platform. “Developers no longer need to integrate a variety of single point solutions and can focus on one SDK for all of their analytics, marketing automation and ad-monetization needs,” states Drobick.

Tapjoy's SDK is embedded in more than 270,000 apps with a global reach of more than 520 million monthly active users. “We have a massive footprint and it translates to delivering advertising offers, engagement campaigns, cross-promotions, app updates, and a number of other messages that increase the overall lifetime value of each user,” asserts Patrick Seybold, VP Global Communications and Marketing Partnerships, Tapjoy. In an implementation highlight, one of their clients, Idle games wanted to understand the net effect of rewarded advertising on In-App Puchases and the overall monetization of its top grossing game, Fresh Deck Poker. By implementing Tapjoy’s real-time IAP and Ad-based Monetization, the client’s earnings were increased and generated 11 percent more IAP revenue. Tapjoy also helped drive deeper engagement and retention within the game, as players who took part in Tapjoy ads retained 2.2 times longer than all non offer-takers.

“We will continue to focus on our core mobile freemium publishers and provide solutions that create value for them,” says Drobick. Tapjoy is focused on developing key partnerships with other technology partners and points of alignment to drive quality user acquisition for app developers and revenue for publishers.