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Kelly Jo Sands, Chief CRM & Martech Officer, AnsiraKelly Jo Sands, Chief CRM & Martech Officer
Brand-to-Local is the name of the game. When a customer heads into a local retailer, contacts a local partner or shops online to buy a product or service, they expect the same level of powerful and memorable experience as they would have had from the parent brand. “Disruptive brands are increasing customer expectations and we are working to help companies provide outstanding experiences for customers at every touchpoint,” says Andy Arnold, Chief Revenue Officer of Ansira. It is challenging for brands to work in accord with their Channel partners, not just to stay ahead of the competition, but also to deliver seamless integrations across all Channels. A brand’s failure to maintain the expectation level of the customer can eventually lead to the disenfranchised end user. For brands operating within a distributed model with local partners, dealers, franchisees and agents, it is imperative to develop a solution that helps deliver a multi-channel seamless experience, especially at the local level.

As the Brand-to-Local agency, Ansira orchestrates customer engagement as well as the Brand-to-Channel relationship, and then ultimately empowers the Channel to activate locally with the consumer. The combination of those three capabilities effectually forms Ansira’s model for client engagement, as opposed to most competitors that focus on just one or two of these capabilities. Customer engagement utilizes data-informed personalization and drives customer acquisition, value and retention. Channel Empowerment is hyper-local, providing brand-compliant enablement including fund management, reconciliation, and performance reporting. Local Activation is then driven by a multi-Channel campaign strategy and execution at scale for local partners. “Ansira has been instrumental in delivering relevant, successful campaigns that align with what the brand is doing at the tier one level,” says Kelly Jo Sands, Chief CRM and Martech Officer, Ansira.
Andy Arnold, Chief Revenue Officer

Sands further adds, “We partner with leading third-party platforms like Adobe or Salesforce across their full stack platform to provide our clients with the best solutions for their challenges.”

Disruptive brands are increasing customer expectations and we are working to help companies provide outstanding experiences for customers at every touchpoint

Adoption of martech solutions for the Channel plays an important role, enabling brands to drive further profitability from indirect revenue sources. In the case of Ansira, Channel Empowerment is delivered through a proprietary set of technology modules called Ansira Edge. “To optimize underutilized funds for one of our clients, we reset their co-op program by conducting a wholesale assessment of the client’s relationship with their individual retail partners to see what funds were being spent, and where,” says Arnold. “We found that the client had not realized the importance of influencing their Channel partner budgets, which were three times the client’s actual marketing budget, so Ansira looked at what they were selling, the conversion of the higher versus lower end product lines, and whether the structure of their program was designed to help move the higher margin products through the chain. We then rearchitected the program to support the initiatives that drive the higher margin product, and successfully enabled the sales team.”

Sands adds, “Ansira has constantly evolved, and we are here to help our clients navigate the proliferation of martech and drive industry leading performance and results across our client portfolio.”
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Kelly Jo Sands, Chief CRM & Martech Officer and Andy Arnold, Chief Revenue Officer

Ansira is the Brand-to-Local Agency. Ansira is the only agency uniting and delivering all three dimensions: Customer Engagement, Channel Empowerment and Local Activation. Ansira leverages marketing technology and services to help clients deliver seamless customer experiences that exceed expectations. Ansira helps brands orchestrate, personalize and contextualize customer engagements – from Brand2Customer, Local2Customer and Brand2Channel interactions – to drive superior business results. Ansira Edge Technology Suite is Ansira’s full-service, modular-based technology, purpose-built for relationship and channel marketers. Ansira works with marketers at the brand and channel levels not only to orchestrate seamless customer experiences, but also to enhance the brand-channel relationship