Campaign Monitor: Automating Email Marketing Campaigns

Kraig Swensrud, CMO, Campaign MonitorKraig Swensrud, CMO
While serving as CMO in a Fortune 500 company, Kraig Swensrud noticed that the protocol of having a single suite of technology from one vendor to automate complex marketing tasks, analyze huge amounts of customer data, and deliver personalized, relevant experiences to its customers was practically inefficient. In reality, “It took a million dollars, 10 of the best technical people on my team and a year of consulting time to get it up and running,” says Swensrud. The looming question however was centered on, “If a Fortune 500 company had trouble implementing a mega-vendor marketing cloud, how do other businesses manage it?” Being the CMO at Campaign Monitor, Swensrud states their email marketing solutions to be the cornerstone of marketing campaigns with great caliber. At Campaign Monitor, the emphasis lies on empowering mid-sized enterprises with cost-effective solutions to send attractive emails for boosting sales.

Every marketer needs their emails to resemble their website in appearance. Email campaigns with unprecedented performance include personalized content, branded in the most attractive manner with the correct colors, fonts, and design. “But to create these highly effective email campaigns, many marketers had to opt for coding in HTML and CSS,” says Swensrud. The reason is the lack of the key capabilities in the first-generation drag-and-drop tools that marketers needed to create modern pixel-perfect campaigns. “Campaign Monitor has built the next-generation do-it-yourself email builder to enable marketers without coding knowledge to build unmatchable email marketing campaigns,” states Swensrud. It provides customers with a blend of ease-of-use and advanced capabilities to execute their vision without the need for HTML and CSS developers. “Simplicity is crucial. More than 98 percent of marketers want products that can be set-up and used by people with minimal technical skills,” opines Swensrud.

Campaign Monitor has built the next-generation do-it-yourself email builder to enable marketers without coding knowledge to build unmatchable email marketing campaigns

When it comes to marketing, email marketing represents the biggest marketing channels for any brand. In one instance, Virgin Experience Days leveraged Campaign Monitor’s marketing automation to power their email and marketing program including a sign-up journey with an automated welcome series, and a post-purchase customer journey. As a channel, the client’s email grew 120 percent year-over-year in the last two years.

“For over a decade, we’ve focused on the vision for email marketing and we’re excited to start our journey into marketing automation,” says Swensrud. According to the CMO, marketing automation involves merging customer’s behavior data with personalized journeys and beautiful, on-brand content. To meet this requirement of marketing automation, Campaign Monitor has built Visual Journey Designer that brings the power of marketing automation to their customers in a simple and easy-to-use way. “The Visual Journey Designer makes it easy to trigger an automated campaign from any of the existing data a user has in Campaign Monitor or third-party application,” explains Swensrud. The company improved the capabilities of the platform for empowering its customers to branch journeys based on customer interests with email content. “These features open up a world of possibilities for marketers to easily build customer journeys, resulting in greater level of personalization, engagement, and conversion.”

According to Swensrud, at Campaign Monitor, their philosophy is to solve complex issues in a simple way for delivering cost-effective and intuitive powerful technology, and making their customers successful in achieving business objectives. In the years to come, “Campaign Monitor has plans to empower its clients to send their customers on hyper-personalized omni-channel journeys,” concludes Swensrud.