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John Copeland, General Manager, DemandEngineJohn Copeland, General Manager
In the context of higher education institutions, marketing automation means to have the ability to send the right message to the right student at the right time. Until recently, this has been an unfulfilled expedition fraught with pitfalls and false starts. “College CRM software investments in the last five years have accounted for student engagement over pre- and post-enrollment lifecycles. Yet, the available tools lacked a marketing automation component, and did little or nothing to help institutions with digital engagement between constituents and prospective students,” says John Copeland, the GM of DemandEngine. While CRM tools cover the last mile between interest and purchase in the corporate environment, for colleges it is totally different, and that’s where other CRM software lack. “Interests and purchases for them mean applying for admission, completing the process, and being admitted to the program and forming a deeper engagement with the students,” mentions Copeland. Enter DemandEngine. Through their EduConverse marketing automation software, the company enables higher education institutes to master the art and science of digital marketing to engage students, constituents, and alumni. The software enables colleges to leverage a full suite of easy-to-use tools to manage every aspect of their digital marketing campaigns in one cloud-based platform. “We enable clients to access and optimize their marketing communication programs with powerful analytics and reporting features,” says Copeland.

Underpinning DemandEngine’s marketing automation platform is a definitive process that the company follows to connect the solution with a broader idea: the brand identity of the institution. In the process of partnering with a new client, DemandEngine understands every specific detail about their brand by reviewing market researches, branding guidelines, and their current digital and print engagement strategies.

We enable clients to access and optimize their marketing communication programs with powerful analytics and reporting features

Next, the company aggregates this information by creating declared proof points, which cover the combination of the institution’s amenity and its subsequent benefit for the students, in the form of documents compiled from magazines and journals.This ensures that the university’s brand is carried and targeted at the students in a proper manner, during the pre-enrollment phase.

The marketing approach is supported by the Singleton Center of Professional Excellence during the post-enrollment phase, and this helps students in accessing services such as creating checklists for scholarships, interviews, and internships afterward. Further, DemandEngine also provides an e-CRM service and conversation planning that backs the clients up with the campaign information that has to be sent to the prospective students. “This covers all the details to help the clients in executing the campaign and delivering the right message,” states Copeland.

Since 2003, DemandEngine has been a Bronto partner, which complements the three drag-and-drop tools of its EduConverse platform—the database segmentation tool, message builder with dynamic content, and workflow builder. While the database segmentation tool allows the clients to build logical segments in their data universe based on different student interactions, the message builder enables them to connect with students, graduates, and other constituents across various communication channels. In addition, through the workflow builder tool, clients can drag triggers, filters, and actions onto the interface and connect actions together.

DemandEngine has assisted over 500 colleges and universities till date and is currently developing a project that will allow them to send digital messages through its campaign workflows and link that with a print-on-demand channel. The company will also be adding an application into the campaigns that will enable pre-filled student information that can be picked by its platform in order to establish a digital conversation. “Once we launch these two features, we will be the only company that offers an end-to-end solution for integrated marketing between print, e-mail, and SMS,” informs Copeland.
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John Copeland, General Manager

DemandEngine is a marketing automation software and eCRM services company supporting higher education communication and enrollment management. The company aims to help students make life-changing decisions about their future via education. DemandEngine believe in the power of conversation as its marketing automation platform is built with powerful capabilities, assisting students in mastering the art and science of digital marketing to uncover demand and build relationships. Using its leading marketing automation platform, DemandEngine helps colleges automate digital campaigns to recognise prospective students and engage current students and graduates throughout their lifecycle with the institution.