eTrigue: Next-Generation Simple Marketing Automation Solutions

The world of marketing has been changing drastically. Today, most businesses are seeking an effective and customer-centric marketing strategy. Without marketing automation, this becomes difficult. However, while employing marketing automation solutions, modern day marketers are facing implementation complexities like, long execution cycles and lack of skilled marketing staff. eTrigue, headquartered in San Jose, CA, provides easy-to-use marketing automation solutions, helping organizations generate and qualify sales leads, shorten sales cycles, increasing their revenue. The company has taken an innovative approach, building simpler marketing tools, easily operated by small marketing teams or a single individual. “We provide manageable tools with the sophistication and the abilities of cutting-edge, multifaceted marketing programs,” begins Jim Meyer, VP and General Manager, eTrigue.

The company offers a robust, userfriendly interface with a well-thoughtout lead tracking and lead generation capability. eTrigue’s advanced analytics tools measure results and demonstrate true ROI, giving marketers a fast and effective view of their business operations and data. In addition, eTrigue consistently adds new features to the marketing automation application, making the marketer’s job easier. “We recently added additional A/B email testing capabilities, allowing the marketer to set the winning parameters for the A/B test directly in the campaign step,” says Meyer. A/B Testing allows organizations to test different versions of campaign emails to see how small changes can have a big impact on their results. “And the choice of the winning email goes far beyond measuring simple opens and clicks and can be based on whether the prospect accomplishes a goal such as registering for a specific webcast or downloading a particular document,” explains Meyer. But it’s all configured through simple drag-anddrop campaign steps with the built-in logic choices.

eTrigue’s solutions have the capability of tracking across multifaceted web pages, with millions of potential web visitors and email recipients. The company’s flagship product, DemandCenter, a software-as-a-service intelligent demand generation solution, combines sophistication with ease-ofuse to help users master their tasks and make improvements. Moreover, the platform shows results in real-time and the data points can be clicked directly to get a detailed listing of the underlying information. DemandCenter executes and tracks powerful multi-channel, multitouch campaigns including emails, landing pages, website activities, tradeshows and telemarketing campaigns to uncover and deliver qualified leads to sales.
Jim Meyer, Vice President & General Manager, etrigueJim Meyer, Vice President & General Manager
eTrigue DemandCenter is highly regarded for simplifying marketing automation while increasing its effectiveness. For instance, one of eTrigue’s clients in the IT service industry was able to increase generated leads by over 325 percent. The organization was able to launch lead generation programs across three regions in less than 60 days that generated large opportunities for the sales team. “Our marketing automation solutions enable our clients to generate a greater number of programs, while nurturing a continuous flow of marketing qualified leads using campaigns and real-time activity tracking,” adds Meyer.

eTrigue is always driven by the goal to create flexible and robust marketing automation offerings. “While our primary focus is on mid-market, our services are in extensive use on a divisional level at large enterprises as well,” notes Meyer.

Our marketing automation solutions enable our clients to generate a greater number of programs, while nurturing a continuous flow of marketing qualified leads

The advanced capability offered by eTrigue is backed by an experienced team of innovators. Forging ahead, eTrigue is currently focusing on driving ease-of-use and integration with additional marketing applications. “Our solutions enable firms to easily and quickly accomplish simple campaign automation, as well as integrations, and real-time alerting, and also let organizations easily move to more complex multi-tier campaign capabilities, advanced scoring, complex CRM integration, reporting and ROI tracking,” concludes Meyer.