Foster Web Marketing: Marketing Arsenal for Lawyers, Doctors...

Tom Foster, Founder & CEO, Foster Web MarketingTom Foster, Founder & CEO
Even before the trial of O.J. Simpson and the advent of Google, Tom Foster, founder and CEO of Foster Web Marketing, envisioned websites and content as online brand image managers that would help lawyers, doctors, and other professionals attain higher online recognition and win more leads. That brainwave became the cornerstone of Foster Web Marketing (FWM). Today, his venture’s holistic solution, Dynamic Self-Syndication (DSS), combines the best elements of marketing and technology—addressing content management, email marketing, and most importantly, user experience.

Law firms, medical practices, and other professional service businesses seeking to increase online success can use DSS to easily manage their websites and online marketing efforts. “DSS is the ‘Ferrari engine’ that powers our websites. It provides our clients with the ability to not just update their websites, but to manage their contact lists, email campaigns, online reputations, social media accounts, leads, and much more,” says Foster.

DSS harnesses the power of several external APIs to improve efficiency and expand upon helpful feature sets. This integration allows users to perform a gamut of tasks that streamline processes affecting their bottom lines. Recently, DSS leveraged Slack’s API, which empowers clients to classify leads on the fly, resulting in better data integrity and improved workflow.

FWM prides itself on collaborating with clients to assist in achieving their goals. A lot of effort goes into choosing the right tools for the job.

“We collaborate with our clients, discuss their marketing needs, and help them find their true north,” says Foster. FWM also helps clients leverage the key to visibility by assisting them in maintaining a consistent digital identity.

DSS is the “Ferrari” software behind our websites that includes content publishing, traffic analysis, contact list, email campaign management, social media, and much more

DSS has been the secret sauce for the online success of hundreds of firms. One of Tom’s favorite success stories is from a small law firm in California that was looking for a DIY solution.

“Bill had just lost a big trial and was on the verge of bankruptcy. He found us (because we practice what we preach), we launched his website, trained him to use DSS, and educated him on how to market himself more effectively. Months later, he walked up to me at a conference I was speaking at and hugged me! He said ‘I can’t thank you enough, you saved my practice, my family, we owe you everything.’ Bill had been practicing law by day and leveraging the power of DSS by night for a totally new legal practice focus that was pretty cutting edge at the time. He wrote in his own style and quickly got the attention of search engines and clients. Now Bill has five offices and 10 attorneys working for him. DSS gave him his life back and much more.”

In its insightful and remarkable journey, FWM has broken the mold and helped its clients choose better, holistic marketing methods over the conventional path laden with bloated PPC budgets, social media ploys, and fake reviews. The company is forging partnerships and constantly adding new integrations to allow clients to leverage third-party solutions in alliance with the wherewithal of DSS.

Years of hard work is paying off as FWM realizes a goal for DSS—to have it named as a top ranked marketing automation software. This year DSS has not only been named a top 10 solution by Marketing Automation magazine, but also a top 10 marketing automation software for small businesses by G2 Crowd, and one of the top 20 most popular CMS solutions by Capterra.