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Abhishek Kumar, Vice President, Engineering , KnorexAbhishek Kumar, Vice President, Engineering
Digital marketing relies heavily on consumer data. With users frequently sharing data online, and with web cookies constantly tracking their clicks, marketers are now capable of gaining insight into consumer needs and preferences. While this allows businesses to personalize advertisements, it increases the vulnerability of consumers to security threats and data breaches. Public outcry over surveillance and privacy, along with their demand for transparency and accountability, has led to the enforcement of stricter regulations and laws, curtailing marketers’ ability to target consumers with relevant messages.

XPO is a marketing cloud platform developed by Knorex, a cross-channel marketing technology company to help marketers run successful campaigns without compromising on consumer’s privacy. “XPO automates and simplifies the execution and optimization of marketing campaigns to deliver measurable performance by leveraging technologies such as machine learning and AI,” mentions Abhishek Kumar, vice president, engineering, Knorex. XPO strictly complies with standard policies and laws, including data collection framework (DCF), general data protection regulation (GDPR), and the California consumer privacy act (CCPA).

With XPO, clients can target an audience using any kind of data—first, second, or third-party—with personalized ads. When it comes to marketing, first-party data proves vital in gaining audience insights, creating a tailored experience for users, improving retargeting strategy, identifying patterns, and predicting future trends. With XPO, businesses can generate a remarketing pixel, embed it on their site, and collect first-party data. Additionally, with XPO’s dynamic creative optimization (DCO) feature, marketers can automate all of their ad creatives in real time. Consequently, products, offers, call-to-action, promotions, color, ad copy, and the likes of it are automatically optimized and personalized based on the triggers or audience segmentation set on XPO.

What’s more? XPO is a combination of MarTech and AdTech, combining elements such as email marketing, CRM, social media management, managing paid search, and programmatic display to facilitate a 360-degree view of a marketer’s target audience. Besides, XPO is cloud-based, and hence, can automatically scale and is both flexible and dynamic.
Why Companies Use SWOT AnalysisJordan Caldwell, Program Director

This proves advantageous to businesses as they can log in from any part of the world and launch their media campaign across various channels such as Facebook, TikTok, Messenger, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google in a wide range of ad formats like display, native video, CTV, or OTT.

Another unique facet of Knorex’s XPO platform is that it allows marketers to take meaningful action at the click of a button. Chief marketing officers (CMOs) can easily access all of the reporting in real time and analyze the data to optimize a campaign across different channels, media, and devices. In other words, CMOs can instantaneously get the bigger picture of the campaign using XPO.

XPO automates and simplifies the execution and optimization of marketing campaigns to deliver measurable performance by leveraging technologies such as machine learning and AI

More importantly, technical expertise combined with an empathetic approach towards clients is what truly sets Knorex apart in the marketplace. The firm takes things a notch higher by offering customer service, helping businesses with their marketing strategy from a consultancy standpoint. “Empathy is a huge cornerstone of the way we operate as far as understanding our clients, putting ourselves in their shoes, and trying to be not just another company that they work with but a true partner who walks alongside them,” remarks Jordan Caldwell, program director, Knorex.

Headquartered in the Sunnyvale, CA, the company has been doubling in size each year; its revenue growing four-fold. Even with a pandemic in the backdrop, Knorex has been beating their estimates. The Knorex team believes that as more and more companies embark on the digital transformation journey, it will broaden the scope and opportunity.

In the long term, the goal for Knorex is to be synonymous with MarTech and Adtech stack platform. Reshaping people’s perception of digital marketing, Knorex continues to seek partner acquisitions. “We are a diverse global company with people from different backgrounds and experience working together passionately to build a next-generation marketing automation platform,” concludes Kumar.
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Sunnyvale, CA

Abhishek Kumar, Vice President, Engineering and Jordan Caldwell, Program Director

Knorex provides a machine-learning powered cloud marketing platform to help marketers to automate and optimize their digital marketing across multiple marketing channels