SharpSpring: Cloud-Based Marketing Automation for all Organizations

In the course of recent years, a rapid amount of transition has taken place in the marketing landscape. Online shopping sites, mobility, social media marketing, and cashless transactions are some of the major trends impacting the marketing domain. Eventually, these trends have paved the way for several firms to gain massive amounts ROIs in their ventures. With these shifts happening around every business, new concepts and technologies are emerging for effective marketing. Among other advancements, marketing automation is the ‘next big thing’ in the technology arena. This hot topic has drawn the attention of several solution providers to produce platforms and technologies for marketing departments. SharpSpring [NASDAQ:SMTP] is one such firm that offers cloud-based, next-generation marketing automation solutions for companies of all sizes.

SharpSpring Mobile will provide all marketing and sales contacts, leads, and opportunities in real time

Headquartered in Gainesville, FL, SharpSpring provides a marketing automation platform that enables the marketer to engage potential customers in the entire lifecycle, from generating a lead to closing a sale. “By keeping a close track of the entire lifecycle of generating leads and campaigns, the platform ensures that everything is monitored and converted into prospects with less difficulty,” says Rick Carlson, CEO and Founder, SharpSpring. The platform is integrated with exclusive email automation, forms, and third party Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Email automation is performed with the help of What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) Email Editor. The required email can be easily fetched from the bulk; thereby the time taken to search for specific information in the inbox is eradicated. Accompanying that, it has responsive templates that are compatible with any device.

Dynamic forms fill the fields for visitors and improve the conversion and present the content with custom Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). SharpSpring Form Builder provides the forms as per the customer’s choice and enables them to be featured in the site. “These characteristics of the platform convert all leads into prospects for any enterprise and facilitates easy push of products to customers,” asserts Carlson.
Rick Carlson, CEO & Founder, sharpspringRick Carlson, CEO & Founder
SharpSpring’s marketing automation platform is well acclaimed for its exclusive features among several marketing agencies. The platform’s unique architecture facilitates the integration of other systems such as Salesforce and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). “We have built the platform in such way that it can integrate any third party CRM, which makes it easy to use, allows for unlimited users and contacts, and meets the needs of many organizations looking for a CRM solution,” shares Carlson.

SharpSpring platform’s simplicity and easy-to-use aspect has enabled various agencies to adopt their platform for larger benefits. “We have shown measurable results to clients through our comprehensive lead-to-revenue reporting capability of the platform. We also ensure that our solution and services paves us the path to gain trusted partners,” notes Carlson. The promise and support given by SharpSpring to its customers is overwhelming for which they are widely recognized among a diverse array of marketing companies across the globe.

Recently, the firm announced the availability of the SharpSpring Social Assistant and SharpSpring Mobile features that add functionality to SharpSpring’s advanced marketing automation platform. These new products will enhance their presence and performance in the marketing segment. “SharpSpring Mobile will provide all marketing and sales contacts, leads, and opportunities in real time. SharpSpring Social Assistant is meant for users who rely upon Google Chrome and Firefox to view the complete information of all their leads and contacts, through which they can boost the sales anytime,” asserts Carlson.