Transiris: Transforming the Gamut of Marketing Process

One of the major challenges facing marketing depart¬ments today is adapting to all of the different ways people and organizations communicate. Marketers need real-time insights, both at the individual and population level, to facilitate strong customer engagements and highly-targeted, one to one communication. In order to aid marketers and better understand customers, organizations are increasingly embracing advanced marketing automation tools and techniques. This enables marketers to provide prospective customers with highly personalized and relevant content that drives demand. It also enables capabilities to optimally nurture current customers, evaluate programs and their performance in real-time, and meet both pipeline and revenue targets—transforming marketing from a cost center into a powerful, revenue driver with a measureable return on the investment. “Our expertise enables CIOs to commit themselves to providing CMOs with a versatile infrastructure—increasing the efficiency of conversations and integrat¬ing with a world of third party applications involved in the process of communication with the market,” says Silvian Centiu, CEO, Transiris.

Based in San Carlos, CA, Transiris utilizes their expertise and partnerships with top technology companies to help organizations transform their marketing processes and infrastructure. The company provides marketing automation services using leading technologies from vendors such as IBM, Oracle, Adobe, Salesforce, Teradata, and Microsoft. As most customers require components from more than one technology vendor and often off-the-shelf applications available in the market lack integration, companies utilize Transiris expertise to develop tailored solutions encompass¬ing comprehensive technologies and processes.

Transiris assists marketing and technology leaders in acquiring and transforming large amount of data into actionable insights

“Transiris designs and implements complete solutions that might use IBM Campaign for targeting and segmentation, Adobe SiteCatalyst for powerful web analytics, Salesforce for CRM, BlueKai for data management in the cloud, etc.” points out Centiu. Transiris also helps marketers to execute marketing tasks using tools from the leading tech vendors—IBM Interact for real-time offers, Adobe CQ for managing assets, Tableau for analyzing and rendering performance results, or Allocadia for managing marketing resources.
Silvian  Centiu, CEO, transirisSilvian Centiu, CEO
“We have assisted Fortune 500 clients in developing strategic plans for marketing transformation, and executing those plans by revamping their existing technology platforms and processes to better compete in the market,” explains Centiu. For instance, Cisco Systems increased marketing contribution to sales by billions of dollars after Transiris integrated outbound marketing and marketing resource management solutions based on IBM technologies. Thermo Fisher Scientific, another Transiris client, also deployed several marketing solutions integrating outbound and inbound real-time, dynamic offerings based on IBM Campaign and Interact with Oracle Eloqua for outbound communication with the market.

Transiris owes its exclusive market position to a sustained focus on research, innovation, and that rare combination of engineering and marketing skills. In addition, the company has developed a comprehensive lab environment to test and integrate applications provided by its partners as well as home-grown technologies before they are presented to customers. “Transiris’s culture reflects my passion for delivering outstanding results; my approach to combining technology with social sciences; and my belief in personal responsibility and integrity in the face of significant challenges,” says Centiu.

Moving forward, Transiris is expanding both its geographical presence, opening a new office in Vienna, Austria, and also extending their range of services. In Europe, customers already include major brands such as Vodafone, Cora, and ING, says Simona Nan, EMEA Regional Manager. “We have added a new Marketing Agency service to our portfolio—to productize more of the solutions,” says Nan.

Transiris recognizes the importance of transforming marketing into a powerful, revenue driver. The company continues to invest in research to leverage Big Data and build smarter, more relevant customer interactions with exceptional business results.