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Top 10 Marketing Automation Consulting/Services Companies - 2020

Today, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact every business sector, marketing companies are seeking to capitalize on every opportunity that drives cost savings. And over the last five years, as automation emerged as the best way to minimize cumbersome and inefficient processes, a majority of marketing firms are shifting heavily into automating key operations. Currently, as social distancing guidelines dictate a decrease in on-prem staff, marketing automation is the perfect avenue to enable businesses in performing key tasks with minimal employees.

In light of these developments, marketing automation consulting and service offerings are also witnessing a surge in usage. These services include the consolidation of multiple channels and integration with marketing automation, and many more surefire ways to streamline and optimize various marketing activities. Another prime example of innovative marketing automation services is the data management and analytics, which are employed in tandem with AI and machine learning-based solutions to enable the identification of target audience users and their preferences. Similarly, the potential of newer technologies such as real-time communication, lead generation, and voice commands are set to revolutionize the marketing automation industry.

In this edition, MarTech Outlook has compiled top Marketing Automation Consulting/Services Companies that are revolutionizing this space. The featured companies are perfectly poised to help company executives make the right decision while adopting any marketing automation software or tools.

We present to you MarTech Outlook’s ‘Top 10 Marketing Automation Services/Consulting Companies – 2020.’

    Top Marketing Automation Consulting/Services Companies

  • An independent, global marketing technology and services firm, Ansira believes in transparent partnerships to meet clients where they are on their customer experience journey. Ansira designs relevant, persuasive experiences for all the right moments; strengthening relationships, cultivating brand loyalists, and assuring profitable client growth. Ansira is repositioned to take advantage of significant opportunities in the marketplace, using our scale, talent, and solutions to bring a strategic view to complex challenges

  • dotdigital equips marketers with marketing automation that is capable of providing a lot more personalization at scale. The company’s Engagement Cloud platform leverages effective data-powered insight and segmentation to allow clients to personalize customer journeys seamlessly. Whether it’s data-driven email marketing or complete omnichannel campaign orchestration, dotdigital’s all-in-one platform is the solution for all marketing needs. Recent research by the team at dotdigital shows that in comparison to last year, brands are seeing more engagement with their digital marketing than ever. With dotdigital’s platform Engagement Cloud, marketers are able to automate key customer touch points with messages and re-engagement programs

  • Influx MD provides a complete online education platform. Your video is delivered using a high availability top-tier content delivery network. Remove barriers created by resource scheduling or seating capacity by offering seminars conveniently available when and where client decides. Deliver fast paced visually engaging education programs to improve understanding and retention. Use integrated quizzes to evaluate learning and identify additional learning areas

  • Conquest


    Conquest is the One Stop Shop for web development, digital and full service marketing solutions. The company technology and marketing experts have over 20 years of experience in their field. A digital presence is only one part of the picture. Many of our clients come to us without a marketing plan in place. It’s like throwing a great party and not inviting anyone. That’s why the company unify creative, marketing and technology initiatives with the highest caliber of talent to create a full-service marketing menu for new and existing clients

  • Platinum CRM Consulting

    Platinum CRM Consulting

    CRM Project Management - Phases of a project typically includes defining requirements, package selection, integration, customization, roll-out, training and on-going support. Provides businesses of all shapes and sizes Act! Growth Suite CRM and Marketing Automation Services, Training and Sales. The company also help with evaluating current workflow to increase productivity and profits by improving staff tracks customer information from an initial inquiry, to close, then through maintenance and support.

  • Epik Solutions

    Epik Solutions

    Epik Solutions is a global technology company that embraces creativity and diversity, using technology to inspire and implement solutions that meet our customers’ needs. The company help clients reimagine and capture possibilities while strengthening the performance of their existing digital assets. The company Team brings ideas to life and builds organizations’ capabilities to deliver their best outcomes on an ongoing basis

  • Gorilla Toolz

    Gorilla Toolz

    The company offers EcoSoft 5.0™, a complete Partner Relationship Management solution which operates stand-alone or integrated with leading Marketing Automation and CRM systems to effectively manage the entire marketing and sales life cycle. Based on Gorilla Toolz’s unique ecosystem management software platform, EcoSoft 5.0™ easily solves indirect sales and provider business model challenges. Among EcoSoft’s strengths is its deployment flexibility enabling it to work effectively within multi-layer business models, such as distribution channels or multi-location health facilities

  • Kenscio


    Kenscio Digital Marketing is an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified and European GDPR process compliant organization with its corporate office in Bengaluru and sales offices in Mumbai and Gurugram. Starting its journey in 2009 as an Email Service Provider, Kenscio has since evolved into a 360-degree digital marketing technology & services company. Kenscio brings a comprehensive solution to integrate multiple digital platforms to automate all your digital marketing efforts in the most effective and result-oriented mode

  • MetroGuild


    Metroguild empowers organisations globally to own and grow their Marketing and Sales Teams and drive growth. Metroguild provides CRM, digital asset building and support to help organisations reach their true growth potential. MetroGuild is founded around the principle of building human connections and fostering long term relationship trust, whether with its customers, employees, or suppliers.With MetroGuild technology implemented in the intuitive MetroLeads product, Sales and Marketing organizations can easily and automatically gather, organize, correlate, and take action on a wide variety of incoming data driving operational efficiency and closing opportunities

  • StratMarketing Group

    StratMarketing Group

    With 95%in customer satisfaction ratings and 100s of successful projects in industrial manufacturing, our proven methodology has successfully generated more than $100M+ in attributable revenues and growth. The company help build deep and meaningful relationships with their prospects and customers which in turn is a catalyst to organic sales growth. It alo consistently exceed objectives by leveraging complex technologies and analytic methodologies to deliver simplified sales, faster