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Top 10 Marketing Automation Solution Companies - 2018

The advancements in technology and marketing operations have increased the complexities of integrating the marketing and sales systems for growing customer expectations. Organizations see the need to leverage marketing automation now more than ever. Business data – a key component in chalking out marketing strategies to stream ahead of competition, needs to be developed with consistent quality. Marketing automation develops data for a clean, sustainable communication and re-evaluates the existing customer strategies to focus on value added customer centricity over multiple channels. This standardizes marketing strategies with an increased return on marketing investment. The introduction of cloud platform and artificial intelligence into the marketing sector has revolutionized outreach and marketing efficiency.

Smart marketing - a combination of marketing and artificial intelligence, allows organizations to draw accurate insights on the customers with personalized marketing approaches and automate marketing strategies. Integrating content marketing and centralizing campaign management streamlines technology and strategy, leveraging predictive analysis to track customer behavior. The expansion of digital marketing has enabled superior communication with a wider audience leaving companies coping to break down the constantly changing customer communications across multiple channels. As digital channels continue to evolve, consistent data quality, effective customer communication and customer data privacy will always remain a necessity. This calls for an adept marketing solution that is highly flexible and efficient in driving a business into tomorrow.

Considering all that, a distinguished panel of CEOs, analysts and CIOs, including Marketing Tech Outlook’s editorial board has produced a list of the top marketing automation solution providers, ensuring powerful yet innovative solutions prominent in the marketing sector.

We present to you, Marketing Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Marketing Automation Solution Providers – 2018.”

    Top Marketing Automation Solution Companies

  • DemandGen guides marketing leaders in enterprise organizations along every step of their digital marketing journey, providing best practices and strategies to maximize ROI

  • Harte Hanks is a global marketing firm that specializes in helping brands win attention, build trust and earn loyalty in an ever-changing world

  • Act On

    Act On

    Act-On offers their own adaptive marketing platform which acts as the command center for businesses to get across their message to their customers

  • Campaign Monitor

    Campaign Monitor

    Offers global email marketing platform to businesses using its easy-to-use and reliable email marketing tool

  • DemandEngine


    Provides marketing automation software that enables better decision making processes in higher education

  • Digital Pi

    Digital Pi

    Provides digital marketing automation and related technologies to business firms

  • Foster Web Marketing

    Foster Web Marketing

    PUSHTech delivers multi-channel marketing and engagement automation services to websites, mobile applications, and email marketers

  • Inbox25


    Helps to compare multiple sales and marketing activities quickly so that it is easy to determine what is working and who is working

  • Lytics


    Delivers personalized automation of marketing experiences through Customer Data Platform (CDP)

  • PUSHTech


    Offers content, video and SEO services to business firms while training and educating them about internet marketing