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Top 10 Marketing Automation Solution Companies - 2019

Marketing is increasingly driven by data and advancements in technology, be it the use of different marketing strategies or various marketing tools and software to gain increased ROI. It is the right time for every organization to jump into marketing automation. To align their services with market demands, many B2B firms have moved beyond simple forms of marketing such as email and social media. They are now shifting their focus to multichannel messaging in real-time.

As automation has invaded every facet of the marketing arena, from sending emails to interacting with customers using intelligent chatbots, it is crucial for marketers to remain abreast with the latest trends in the marketing automation landscape. Marketers also have knowledge about Top Marketing Automation Companies.

In today’s consumer-first market, personalized content marketing is expected to take the lead. This is because customers are demanding relevant and one-of-a-kind experiences from their brands. By combining user attributes on the website and social media, studying their preferences such as likes and dislikes, and buying habits, marketers could formulate a strategy that offers personalized recommendations to the customers. Use of various marketing tools and software helps marketers to collect the aforementioned data and perform data analytics to extract actionable insights from the information.

Among many, one of the prominent and most promising marketing automation trends is the use of enhanced applications powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Marketing automation tools such as Adobe Audience Manager and ActionIQ not only offer marketers the ability to measure past marketing campaign performance but also formulate future campaigns that are likely to result in successful marketing. Similarly, several other marketing automation applications include delivering personalized content to the consumers’ inbox, cater to their specific needs, and provide round-the-clock customer service without human intervention. Chatbots are one of those ways of providing customized experiences to the customers.

Another major benefit of marketing automation is its ability to integrate various marketing channels such as email, social media, mobile, and search engine to provide an omnichannel experience. Marketing automation enables marketers to identify and discover various touchpoints to deliver information, which is relevant to the customers. Such an approach of engaging consumers helps organizations to attract potential prospects on their website regardless of the channel used. However, leveraging the maximum benefit of omnichannel marketing is still far from reality for many enterprises.

Similarly, the potential of other highly anticipated techniques and technologies such as real-time communication, lead generation, and voice commands that have entered the market are revolutionizing the marketing automation industry.

This edition of Marketing Tech Outlook features companies that are at the forefront of offering Marketing Automation Solution. In the last few months, a distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts including our editorial board reviewed the top companies in the domain, and shortlisted the ones that are at the helm of tackling challenges in the Marketing Automation Companies space. All of the selected vendors are at the top in their respective field and have vast experience in providing solutions that accelerate business growth and customer satisfaction through marketing.

We present to you Marketing Tech Outlook’s ‘Top 10 Marketing Automation Solution Providers of 2019’

    Top Marketing Automation Solution Companies

  • Built within the Dynamics environment, ClickDimensions is exclusively designed marketing solution for Microsoft Dynamics. The company ensures success for marketers by combining multi-channel marketing automation technology with a wide variety of marketing services. The company offers a robust and user friendly marketing automation platform with a dashboard linking multichannel marketing campaigns to revenue and gives the needed support required by the clients. ClickDimensions provides solutions to help the customers engage leads and sales with features like, campaign automation, email marketing, web forms, event management, reporting, survey, web intelligence lead scoring, landing pages, SMS messaging and social marketing

  • DemandEngine is a marketing automation software and eCRM services company supporting higher education communication and enrollment management. The company aims to help students make life-changing decisions about their future via education. DemandEngine believe in the power of conversation as its marketing automation platform is built with powerful capabilities, assisting students in mastering the art and science of digital marketing to uncover demand and build relationships. Using its leading marketing automation platform, DemandEngine helps colleges automate digital campaigns to recognise prospective students and engage current students and graduates throughout their lifecycle with the institution.

  • Higher Logic is a cloud-based engagement platform that helps in building a customer community and provides automated marketing solutions. Higher Logic’s data-driven approach gives organizations an expanded suite of engagement capabilities. Tracking the initial web visit to renewal and ongoing engagement of a customer, Higher Logic helps its users manage interactions along each stage of the digital customer experience. Organizations all over the world use Higher Logic’s platform to bring people together, provide a home for communication, share ideas, answer questions, and stay connected

  • Marketing Essentials offers inbound digital marketing and sales services along with coaching and guiding services to its clients

  • Act On

    Act On

    Act-On is a software automation company, delivering innovation while empowers marketers to do the best in their careers. The company is the command center to get the right messages, to the right people, at the right time. Act-On's convenient technology provides insights to adapt to the customers' unique needs at each stage of the buying journey and expedite the lead to revenue. With Act-On, teams drive better business outcomes with higher customer lifetime value. Act-On is empowering the future marketers today through an integrated workspace, driving the customer experience end-to-end, from awareness and acquisition through retention and loyalty

  • AutopilotHQ Inc.

    AutopilotHQ Inc.

    Autopilot offers marketing automation software that helps the organizations’ website, applications, or blogs capture new leads and nurture them with automating the repetitive tasks like educating new subscribers, assigning leads, booking appointments, and following up sales leads. The company’s automation software develops personal relationships with customers and engages at the right time on the right channel. The company automates the entire customer journey on its clients’ customer interaction interface with easy integration processes. Marketing automation software offered by Autopilot saves a lot of time for its clients by removing manual and repetitive tasks

  • Digital Pi, Inc.

    Digital Pi, Inc.

    Digital Pi provides marketing technology and automation for its clients’ business by deriving valuable insights. The company focuses on using technology that connects revenue to pipeline and fuses marketing strategies, processes, data, and applications for its clients’ business. The company helps its clients define their business outcomes in clear terms, and apply the knowledge of marketing technologies to achieve their goals. The company aims to deliver tangible results and outcomes for its clients’ rapid growth and success. Founded in 2013, Digital Pi supports market technology to boost the clients’ strategies for tackling the present market challenges

  • HubSpot, Inc. (NYSE: HUBS)

    HubSpot, Inc. (NYSE: HUBS)

    HubSpot, the marketing automation service provider, helps the organizations grow traffic, convert leads, and track the entire marketing impact across different digital channels. The company helps the organizations build and modify their website, get their content in front of the right audience, and drive more traffic to key landing pages. HubSpot also contributes to converting website visitors into qualified leads, and track customers and report the impact on the organization. HubSpot’s CRM combines the power of the marketing hub, sales hub, and service hub that organize, track, and nurture the customer relationship

  • Keap


    Keap builds a marketing technology solution that accelerates small business growth. The company provides support, coaches, and partners while fostering communities for small businesses. Keap offers an advanced tool for all its clients’ activity and communications in a single place. The provided software by the company handles follow-up, updates the client records, gets the client paid, allowing the clients focus on their businesses. Keap’s software responds to incoming leads and existing contacts by sending highly personalized communications that drive actions or sales. The company sets automatic processes for sending messages to new leads, and save time by choosing from pre-written emails

  • Ontraport


    Ontraport, offers marketing tools in a single place, in which the organizations complete their campaigns with promotional activities-from emails to pages and pop-up forms. The company uses CRM to track every customer click, purchase, and action throughout the campaigns of the businesses, and assure the behind-the-scenes effortlessly. The company helps its clients to develop an authentic brand voice and ensure the right customers at the right time. Ontraport uses complete data to identify the right offers and campaigns that generate conversion and allocate the clients’ money for profitable investments