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Top 10 Marketing Automation Consulting/Services Companies - 2019

The future of marketing depends upon the automation as marketing technology not only saves firms’ significant amount of time but also helps them receive value for the money spent on marketing. Presently, marketing automation tools are no longer a business luxury but a must-have necessity to scale the heights of success in this digitally driven marketplace. If businesses are currently not exploiting automation technology to its extent for their digital marketing strategies, they are likely to start doing it in a few upcoming years. In such a fluid market scenario, marketing automation tools have become accessible to business of all sizes and shapes.

Marketing automation integration and consolidation of many channels is one of the popular ways of streamlining and optimizing various marketing activities such as lead generation and capture, ROI analysis, and marketing campaigns. Such integration and consolidation of marketing automation also engage the right users and many potential prospective consumers to the brand at the right time via the many marketing channels.

But the most challenging task of any CIO is to evaluate the several marketing automation platforms available in the market and choosing one to aptly fit and complement their business. Comprehending such a scenario, many marketing service providers have now begun to offer services which include assessing, evaluating, and finalizing an automation marketing platform. Further, the guidance in choosing an automation marketing platform does not end here. Today, striding ahead in their offerings, service providers are also supporting the deployment and implementation of those automation marketing platforms for the firms.

Along with installing automation marketing software, organizations also require a strategic consultant that could guide them in improving their marketing techniques. Be it content related marketing, email, or social media marketing, consultants offer valuable and relevant advice to the firms to bolster their current stand on the marketing. Adopting such strategies provided by the skilled and adept consultants results into an elevated level of exposure for the brand.

Another major challenge faced by CIOs is the management of automation marketing tools installed within their organizations’ premises. Various prominent marketing automation services providers are adept at handling the entire lifespan of the marketing automation system; they support every aspect of the marketing automation from moving leads through the sales funnel to making sure they qualify for the sales and attract customers to generate revenue.

Along with such technical capabilities that marketing automation service providers offer, they also set up various personalized campaigns and advertisements according to the clients’ requirement. By doing so, the service providers ensure to attract the right customers for the right brand.

Similarly, the potential of other highly anticipated technologies such as real-time communication, lead generation, and voice commands are revolutionizing the marketing automation industry. In this edition, our distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts along with the editorial panel of Marketing Tech Outlook brings Top 10 Marketing Automation Services/Consulting Providers to the forefront to help company executives make the right decision while adopting any marketing automation software or tools.

We present to you Marketing Tech Outlook’s ‘Top 10 Marketing Automation Services/Consulting Providers of 2019’

    Top Marketing Automation Consulting Services Companies

  • Ansira is the Brand-to-Local Agency. Ansira is the only agency uniting and delivering all three dimensions: Customer Engagement, Channel Empowerment and Local Activation. Ansira leverages marketing technology and services to help clients deliver seamless customer experiences that exceed expectations. Ansira helps brands orchestrate, personalize and contextualize customer engagements – from Brand2Customer, Local2Customer and Brand2Channel interactions – to drive superior business results. Ansira Edge Technology Suite is Ansira’s full-service, modular-based technology, purpose-built for relationship and channel marketers. Ansira works with marketers at the brand and channel levels not only to orchestrate seamless customer experiences, but also to enhance the brand-channel relationship

  • A next-generation marketing automation solution provider that creates hyper-individualized Smart Content experiences to drive real, needle-moving results. One of the top marketing automation solution providers, ERGO offers a flagship product titled MindReader™, a machine learning–powered marketing automation platform that allows businesses to plan and manage all their email content and analytics through one platform. With MindReader, brands can deeply understand their audiences based on behavior and interactions, and centralize the content and taxonomies across all their campaigns to enable global performance tracking. The platform’s API layer allows for seamless integration with other ESPs and technology providers such as Salesforce and Movable Ink

  • ifX Medical is a comprehensive provider of online marketing strategies for bariatric and wellness programs to draw attention, engage visitors, convert patients, and optimize marketing performance. The company offers end-to-end solutions for online marketing of the medical practice. The marketing services ifX Medical provides includes search engine marketing, medical website design, video education and seminar development, strategic planning and execution of a comprehensive marketing strategy for the medical practice. ifX Medical provides a novel and robust software solution, helping medical enterprises enhance their marketing strategies.



    Through leveraging the importance of marketing automation, LEADOUS offers a refreshing perspective on driving performance leads. The implementation of integrated digital campaign management and lead generation programs which drive eligible leads to sales improve marketing success. The company works with those who seek to improve their marketing performance by implementing and optimizing Marketing Automation, those who have set up marketing campaigns but have no marketing automation. LEADOUS believes that human experience is marketing. People are waiting to engage with the world around them behind every email, logo and computer screen. By improving the marketing strategy, the business connects people to the product with purposeful automation that creates conscious digital experiences. Building a solid base for creating happy customers to produce business results

  • Position²


    Position2 is a fast-growing, Accel Partners-backed Demand Generation business. The organization is committed to super-ambitious international start-ups and brands of companies to increase scaling and to grow their market. The company offers a comprehensive line of products from Demand Generation that includes Marketing Automation, Content Marketing and Paid Acquisition, and the company is a proud partner of Google and Marketo. Marketo certifies Position2 consultants for their core marketing experience and marketing technology expertise. The team provides complex undermining, custom integration, robust social sharing engagement programs, as well as insightful analytics, revenue tracking, deliverability, and best practices

  • Bayshore Solutions

    Bayshore Solutions

    Bayshore Solution's experienced cross-functional teams have been delivering personalized product storytelling, web design & creation, e-commerce, digital marketing, creative and hosting solutions as a leading end-to-end digital agency for over 22 years. By using the emerging approach to identify their market, generate compelling stories, introduce innovative technology, and optimize metrics based on measurable results, the company helps customers grow their business. To deliver measurable results for consumers, Bayshore Solutions combines software and web marketing tools. Bayshore Solutions is proud to be a HubSpot Gold Partner in North America, a Certified Sitefinity Premier Partner

  • DemandGen


    DemandGen assist the marketing leaders in enterprise companies by providing best practices and tactics to optimize the ROI in marketing technology. Whether you first integrate CRM with marketing automation (MA), replace existing systems, or improve integration with CRM / MA, DemandGen provides strategic guidance and hands-on technical services. The business offers a wide range of marketing automation, CRM and software solutions through close collaborations with IBM, Marketo, Salesforce and others. The company works side by side with the teams, encouraging them to deliver, implement and optimize best-available technologies for driving demand, achieving operational excellence, and maximizing the organizational effect of marketing

  • Incentric Digital Marketing

    Incentric Digital Marketing

    Incentric is RDW Group's digital marketing arm, an award-winning full-service marketing agency and sister brand for the acclaimed iFactory interactive agency. The business is based on the assumption that the secret to helping clients win consumers and conquer their markets is a more intimate degree of online interaction. The digital savants of the business are capable of handling all facets of paid search and display advertising from concept to execution. The business is even tackling the innovative for click-worthy app ads designed to attract the right leads–from expert concept to well-crafted copy. The company creates thoughtful content marketing campaigns that go beyond brand awareness to help the brand build relationships

  • Linx Communications

    Linx Communications

    Linx is a strategic marketing organization that helps meet business goals and challenges by linking marketing strategies with business strategies and implementing compelling communications with customers, business partners and employees. Linx was founded as a subsidiary of the Northeast's largest local retail advertising agency. The business is regarded as one of KPMG's fastest-growing businesses with more than $100 million in billings. Linx was spun off to focus on the new world of digital advertising as an independent digital agency. Today, the way companies see the environment continues to change... And how the world sees them

  • Raare Solutions LLC

    Raare Solutions LLC

    Raare Solutions is an award-winning Operational CRM firm that specialized in CRM and Marketing Platforms, Campaign Orchestration, and Analytics development. Trusted with some of the world's most valuable customer data for brands like North America's BMW, MINI USA, Rolls-Royce Motorcars, Ferrari North America, and Lindblad Expeditions, companies come to Raare to assist with customer acquisition, interaction, and retention. Using the industry's robust tools from Adobe, IBM, Selligent Marketing Cloud, Salesforce, and Teradata, the company is building workflow-driven marketing campaigns that is creating high-powered audiences for loyalty and marketing and CRM communications